Angling Notices

Angling at the Lake is currently suspended after a serious security breach.

Please revisit this page again for an update on angling at the Lake.


Angling takes place at the Lake throughout the year apart from days when fish are spawning. From October through to April angling is allowed over the entire Lake. From May through to September one third of the Lake length is reserved for swimming.

The Lake is maintained with a population of coarse fish suitable for general coarse fishing. The stock includes the full range of coarse  fish and the predators.

Henleaze Lake is not a commercial fishery.  The primary activity at the Lake is open water swimming and management of the water for angling is on this mixed-use basis. Thus, fish stocking density will be lower than at a typical commercial fishery.

Fishing swims have been established at many points on the Lake edge to provide safe points for angling and for the safe handling of fish from and to the water.

There is a 200m section of board walk to provide access for angling at the base of the cliff at the Lake edge. This is equipped with fishing platforms and access steps at regular intervals.

There are areas suitable for overnight bivouacing.

Angling members  may also fish the waters of the Bristol and West of England Federation of Anglers.The Federation waters include a stretch of the River  Avon so that Henleaze anglers can also enjoy river fishing.

NB Angling access is only available to angling members and their guests.

Angling Membership

Angling membership runs from January to December. To apply for membership send a stamped  addressed envelope to:

Angling Membership

Henleaze Swimming Club

PO Box 140


Bristol BS10 6YD

Angling Rules    Angling Application Form  Junior Angling Application Form

Membership Rates  

2018  rates are as follows:

  • Adults (18 to 64 yrs) £85
  • Adults (Concessionary) £54
  • 1st Accompanying Junior (8 – 17 yrs) £12
  • 2nd Accompanying Junior (8 – 17 yrs) £6
  • 1st Summer Season Junior (13 - 17 yrs) £12
  • 2nd Summer Season Junior (13 - 17 yrs) £6
  • Non angling adult partners £10.00

Concessionary rates apply to senior citizens (state pensionable age and over) and students.

Fishing from the boardwalk

Night Fishing

My first fish