Access for non members

As a charity, the Club is amenable to facilitating access to the Lake for non-members. Examples of access granted include:

  • Regular swimming access for groups and individuals participating in charitable open water swimming events, open water swimming familiarisation and channel swims.
  • Regular training sessions for Bristol and District Triathletes
  • Winter swimming access for South West Seals
  • Swimming and angling access for youth groups from the local area
  • Family fishing days for non-anglers
  • Tours of the Lake for walking groups and schools
  • Access to sub-aqua groups for training exercises
  • Access to film crews for swimming related films e.g. Country File, Robson Green's Wild Swimming, Nectar
  • Lifesaving training courses run by the RLSS
  • Bird survey team from the the Wetland Bird Survey

How to apply

In the first instance please email us via the Contact page outlining your request.


Southwold Swimming Club

 Southmead youth group enjoy a swim

Steiner School Picnic (Photo: Ky Witney)

Family Fishing Day

Southmead Midwives Channel Swim Team

Sarah MacLoad Channel Swimmer