Centenary Slow Swim and Picnic

Friday 12th July 2pm – 6pm


Please join us for the slow swim and picnic on Friday 12th July between 2pm and 6pm. The swimming area will be extended to just beyond the Point i.e. the usual Long Swim turning point. The bank beyond the current swimming limit will also be available for sitting and picnics. Members will also be able to walk along the boardwalks to see the white lily beds (and possibly a heron or kingfisher) at the north end of the Lake.

This is a slow swim and a chance to explore parts of the Lake normally out of bounds to swimming members. It is not a distance swim and you will be able to walk down the bank and enter and exit the water at the north end of the Lake. Please be aware that there are lily beds at the north end of the Lake which you should not swim into. Marker buoys will be position at the limit of the swim. Please do not swim beyond the marker buoys.

Please follow any instructions from the lifeguards at all times.

If you want to do head down length swimming, please restrict your swim to the southern end of the Lake i.e. between the pontoon and the turning buoy which will be position at the swim midway point.

NB If the water temperature is below 17C (63F) and/or the weather is inclement i.e. rain and strong winds this event may be cancelled.