Active Travel Plan Information

Why an active travel plan?

Henleaze Swimming Club, as part of its Lake's Climate and Nature Emergency Action Plan,  wants to encourage active travel to the lake by staff and members as one of the major ways the lake can make a difference to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

The West of England Combined Authority has set ambitious targets in their Joint Local Transport Plan of being carbon neutral by 2036. Their aim is for walking and cycling to be the default option for those making shorter journeys.

From Summer 2022 there will be a Bristol Clean Air Zone and charge for older vehicles travelling across the city centre will be charged £9 per day. The impact on roads outside of the zone is as yet unknown but could increase congestion on the outer lying roads including those around the lake.

 Every year the staff and committee at the lake have to deal with complaints from local residents about the amount of inconsiderate parking on the roads adjacent to the lake.

 From the membership record (as of December 2021) we have established that of the approx. 4000 members and Community Access users

  •        25% of members live within 1 mile (approx. 10 minutes’ walk)
  •        67% of members live within 2 miles (approx. 12 minutes cycle)
  •        84% of members live within 3 miles (approx. 18 minutes cycle)

Active travel brings multiple benefits

  •        For you - your own health and wellbeing
  •        Your neighbours and fellow citizens
  •        The quality of the local environment
  •        The climate

There are a range of new electric modes of transport available for hire or purchase including e scooters and e bikes which present new opportunities for green travel across Bristol

Aims, Objectives and Outcomes

 The core aim of this Travel Plan is to minimise vehicle trips (particularly single occupancy trips) to and from the lake, through increased use of public transport, walking, wheeling (wheelchairs and scooters) and cycling.

The objective of this Travel Plan is to achieve the following ‘outcomes’:

  • Reduce and minimise car travel (particularly single occupancy) to and from the lake
  • Identify a baseline of current travel choices by members and monitor changes over time
  • Encourage individuals to shift to a sustainable mode of travel and then maintain that change

Journey Planning

 The Travel West website has a useful journey planner, which also gives an indication of how long a journey will take on foot, bicycle or bus



  It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to walk a mile. Further helpful information on walking can be found at:

        Walk - Travelwest

       Walking app - Walks Near Me — Go Jauntly


 The lake is near to local cycle routes and the national cycle network routes.

 Better by Bike has some useful webpages:

 The route planner is particularly useful for new cyclists, as it determines the safest route for your journey avoiding busy road and junction. You can also use Google diections but the rotes suggested are more direct and not so cycling friendly.

 There are multiple cycle stands at the lake. If you have any punctures there is a repair kit and pump in the superintendents’ hut.

 The nearest cycle shop for repairs, parts and cycles is Bikes 4 You at 188 Henleaze Road, Bristol · 0117 962 1365

 Cycle Hire/Electric Cycle Hire

 There are a number of electric hire schemes in Bristol that can help you navigate Bristol’s hills with minimum effort!

Cycle Training, Maintenance and Support

If you or your family need to build confidence cycling in the city, buy an inexpensive bike or learn how to maintain your bike, the following local organisations can help:

Electric Scooters  

The nearest electric scooter pick up/drop off station is at the bottom of Henleaze Road (opposite the roundabout at the entrance to Lake Road). It is two minutes’ walk from the Lake entrance.  Further information can be found about renting electric scooters at:

        How to Voi - Your adventure starts with the Voi app (


The lake is well connected to a variety of bus route:

First Bus

  • route 2 and 2a within 2minutes’ walk of the lake
  • route 1 and 76 within 10 minutes’ walk


  • Routes 10, 11 and 13 within 2 minutes’ walk of the lake


Website Links:

        First Bus App, buy tickets and plan journeys

        Stagecoach Bristol

        Planner | Travelwest Journey Planner

 As services and timetables can change check online for latest info at the links above

Route Number

Closest Bus Stop


Approximate Walking Distance from Lake



Lake Road Stop (Southmead Road)

Under 2 minutes

Cribbs Causeway to Stockwood


Lake Road Stop (Southmead Road)

Under 2 minutes

Brentry to Stockwood


Wilton Close Stop (Doncaster Road)

Under 10 minutes

Henbury to Hartcliffe


Southfield Road Stop (Eastfield Road)

Under 15 minutes

Cribbs Causeway to Broomhill


Lake Road Stop (Southmead Road)

Under 2 minutes

Severn Beach to Bristol Parkway/Thornbury


Lake Road Stop (Southmead Road)

Under 2 minutes

Avonmouth to Aztec West


Waterdale Gardens Stop (Wellington Hill West)

Under 2 minutes

Broadmead to Shirehampton (via Bishopston)


Lake Road Stop (Southmead Road)

Under 2 minutes

Bristol Bus Station to Chipping Sodbury(via WhiteLadies Road)

By Car

If you have to visit by car please park considerately and also consider parking away from the roads immediately surrounding the lake and walking a short distance particularly where there are wider roads or more on street parking available.

Members with mobility issues

Members with mobility issues can reserve a parking space in the Lake grounds by calling the Lake (0117 962 0696 – during swimming hours only) before they drive to the Lake.

 Accessible travel options in Bristol: Visit Bristol

Car Share

 If you can arrange a car share with friends and family when visiting the lake please do so.

Car Clubs

       Bristol Automated Daily & Hourly Car & Van Hire | Enterprise Car Club


Electric Vehicles charging points

The nearest charging point is in Southmead Hospital.

 New charging points are being installed across the city. Find out more at Electric vehicle parking - and Bristol charging points - electric car charge points Bristol (





Location Map

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Come with your friends by bike.

Gabrielle and Laetitia always walk to the Lake - summer and winter.

Why not scoot to the Lake?

Bring all the family by bike.

Zip down to the Lake on a Voi Scooter. Nearest drop off point is at the bottom of Henleaze Road.

Whizz around Bristol on an electric bike. They laugh at Bristol's hills. Plenty of electric bike to see at the Lake