Leave a legacy to the Lake

Why leave a Legacy for Henleaze Lake?

Henleaze Lake has been a special place for its members and visitors for  over a 100  years. In 2010, Henleaze Swimming Club, which owns Henleaze  Lake, became a registered charity, so that this unique and beautiful  place could be fully protected for ever.  

So now you can, if you wish, leave a Legacy to the Club in your Will –   and thereby help preserve Henleaze Lake, for its users and wildlife, over the years to come.  

Perhaps you or your children have spent happy times over the years at Henleaze Lake?  Perhaps you would like to make sure your grandchildren and other local people are able to do this too. Your Will can be a valuable way to support the causes and places that have been important to you in your lifetime.

A Legacy does not have to be large – any gift, however big or small, is important and will be appreciated.  Henleaze Swimming Club is not a rich charity and does not receive any government support.

Henleaze Lake - the site includes its surrounding lawns and woods - is a 9-acre property in North Bristol fully owned and managed by:-
Henleaze Swimming Club, Registered Charity No. 1132633.  
Registered Office: Henleaze Lake, Lake Road, Henleaze, Bristol BS10 5HG, UK.

What your Legacy will support

Henleaze Lake is managed almost entirely by volunteers. Funds are needed to help teach swimming to youngsters, to preserve  the Lake’s grounds, trees and wildlife, to uphold the quality of the water, and to maintain the changing rooms and buildings on the site.  Your Legacy can be put directly towards helping with these costs.

  • £650 is enough to maintain the  large willow trees for 3 years. 
  • £2,000 would enable free access to be given to a diverse range of wider usage groups including mental health charities, youth groups and disabled groups .
  • £7,000 will enable the springboard to be replaced when needed.
  • £20,000 is the cost of fully repainting and repairing the diving stages - this is need every 10 years. 
  • The annual total maintenance budget for the grounds and buildings is approximately £20,000 per year.

What if I don’t have much to leave?

A common misconception is that a Legacy has to be a big sum of money. This is not the case. Any gift left in a Will, no matter how large or small,  will be important in helping to preserve Henleaze Lake.

But you may be surprised at how the value of your home, possessions and savings will add up, and in consequence how valuable your Legacy can be.

You may choose to leave a specific sum to the Lake, or a percentage of the Residue after all your relatives and other commitments are provided for. Whatever you leave as a Gift to Henleaze Lake, it will be much appreciated and very well used.

Why make a Will?

There are many good reasons to make a Will, not least the peace of mind gained from knowing your possessions will be distributed as you wish. A Will can protect your loved ones, and can also reduce the taxation of your estate.

There is no correct age to make a Will. We recommend that you make one as soon as you have any property, assets or savings in your name,     and particularly if you have children or other inheritors to protect. (You may also be called upon to help your parents or other elderly people make or amend their Will.)

Including a Gift to Charity in your Will is a wonderful way to benefit a cause that has been important to you in your lifetime. These gifts are called Legacies and are normally exempt from inheritance tax, so they are worth even more.

Do I need a Solicitor?

We would always recommend that you use a Solicitor to draw up a Will. A professionally drawn-up Will is very important, both in avoiding misunderstandings amongst relatives, and ensuring the correct amount of tax is levied.

Should you wish to include a Legacy to Henleaze Swimming Club in your Will, it is most important that your Solicitor uses the correct wording as follows:-

  • If giving a lump sum (a pecuniary legacy):
    I give the sum of £_________(pounds) free of tax to Henleaze Swimming Club, also known as Henleaze Lake, Registered Charity No. 1132633, Reg. Office at Henleaze Lake, Lake Road, Henleaze, Bristol BS10 5HG, UK.  I direct that the receipt of the duly authorised officer of Henleaze Swimming Club shall be sufficient discharge for my Executor/Trustees
  • If giving a proportion (a residuary legacy):
    I give _________ share of my real and personal property not hereby or by any codicil specifically disposed of after payment of my debts, pecuniary and specific legacies, funeral and administration expenses and any taxes in respect of my estate, to Henleaze Swimming Club, also known as Henleaze Lake, Registered Charity No. 1132633, Reg. Office at Henleaze Lake, Lake Road, Henleaze, Bristol BS10 5HG.  I direct that the receipt of the duly authorised officer of Henleaze Swimming Club shall be sufficient discharge for my Executor/Trustees.

You can find further information and advice about drawing up a Will and making a Gift to Charity at  www.rememberacharity.org.uk.

Amending an existing Will

If you already have a Will, it is important to keep it up to date.

If you want to add a Legacy to Henleaze Swimming Club to your existing Will, your Solicitor can simply draw up an instruction called a Codicil to attach to the Will (but we recommend you don’t make these changes yourself as you may inadvertently invalidate your Will).

If there are a number of changes you wish to make, it may be better to make a new Will.

What about Tax?

Legacies to charities are generally exempt from Inheritance Tax (IHT). This means that a gift to Henleaze Swimming Club is “tax efficient”.  Even if your estate is liable for IHT, no tax will be paid on any gift you have left to Henleaze Lake in your Will.

Some people use gifts to charities as a way of staying within the IHT threshold, thereby avoiding the tax altogether. In 2010, the individual IHT threshold was £325,000.  You can find more details of Inheritance Tax, the benefits for couples, and the current thresholds at:  www.hmrc.gov.uk/inheritancetax.

Who can I talk to?

If you would like to discuss your Legacy, or if you are an Executor for someone else and you would like to speak to  someone from the Lake, please contact  the  General Manager via the Contact page, or write to:  Henleaze Swimming Club Chair, at the address below.

Henleaze Swimming Club
PO Box 140
Bristol BS10 6YD