Winter Swimming

Winter swimming membership is open to signed up 2023 adult members and adults on the waiting list with community access. All must have already completed their swim tests. A separate fee is payable.

An enthusiastic group – The Winter Dippers – attend the three weekly winter swimming sessions (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Winter swimming runs from November to April.

Winter swimming is probably easier and more enjoyable that you think – just ask a winter dipper. The important thing is to follow the advice of the Serpentine Winter Swimmers which is to start in the summer and keep going! You must also remember that the time you can spend in the water will be much less as the water temperature drops and it is important to know your own limits.

The full swimming area is available while the water temperature is above 10c and is restricted once the water temperature drop below this.

The sauna is available during winter swimming sessions and, needless to say, is very popular.

Henleaze Swimming Club Winter Swimming Guide  Winter Swimming Disclaimer

 Why people love winter swimming

Winter swimming has changed my life!  Ros

I swam in April when the Lake opened so I thought I might as well pick up a card and get my sticker for April. I had no experience of swimming in cold water and did not expect to get beyond October. Now I have got my winter dipper badge and managed to swim nearly every week in just a swimsuit - including at 2C in February. It has been fantastic and such a social and friendly group.  Sarah

I have swum over the years during the winter but never regularly. I was surprised by how much you get use to very cold water and swam much further than I expected. The sauna was fun after my swim (and somethimes before and between!). Winter swimming really made a big difference to my winter and looked forward every week to my winter dip. Will be there this coming winter.  Mark

We are all as mad as water snakes! I never felt more alive.  Abigail

Cozy steamy chats. Then astoundingly cold exhilarating plunge: pushing your limits and exceeding your expectations. Back into the laughter and gaiety of a hot crammed room occasionally joined by a cold clammy body squeezed between you. Screaming and push them away.  Jude

I've loved it! It is challenging. It is also very sociable and invigorating. Getting in is the hardest bit for me and it is wonderful getting out! I hope to swim further next year.  Jenny

Ina braves the ice. January 2017

 Ina braves the ice. February 2017


Happy Winter Dippers March 2018

Winter Swimming Party December 2021

Happy Winter Dippers March 2018


 Sarah chair of Winter Dippers  - 2C February 2015

 It can get cold!

Feb 2015 - It can get cold!  Photo Moira Hamilton