Club Historic Archive

The Club has a rich archive of historic photographs, documents and other artifacts, from 1910 onwards.  We are always pleased to acquire more.

The Club would be pleased to hear from members or people with past associations of the Lake who have photographs or artefacts from any period of the Lake’s history but especially between 1960 and 1990 – we have very few photographs of this period.  

If you have memories from 1960 to1990 we would be pleased to meet you at the Lake to hear your stories.

Recent Acquisitions

The Club was recently contacted by the grand-daughter of William Scantlebury who had inherited his scrapbook which included many early photographs and newspaper articles about the Club. William was a key founding trustee of the Lake and designed the first diving stage and indoor changing room.

Selected Photos from William Scantlebury's scrapbook

William Scantlebury (founding trustee of the Lake) with his sons in 1923. Note the ladies changing marquee in the background

 Opening Of the Ladies Changing Room 1926

Opening of the Ladies Changing Room in May 1926. Designed by William Scantlebury

The Lake dries up during the drought of 1921

Ice Skating at the Lake December 1924

Ice Skating at the Lake December 1924. Note the first diving stage in the background - designed by William Scantlebury. Also the lime kiln on the far right.

Quadruple dive Gala 1929

Quadruple dive at a Lake Gala 1929

Gara cartoon 1920s

Cartoon from local paper, showing Lake members at a gala in 1920s